We offer expert lighting consultancy services to help you create the perfect lighting design for your space. Our team provides tailored solutions based on your requirements, ensuring optimal lighting solutions that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your environment.

Fixture Supply
We supply a wide range of premium lighting fixtures including architectural lighting, facade lighting, LED Profiles, and Digital lighting. Our fixtures are of high quality and designed to meet various lighting needs, ensuring durability and energy efficiency.

Installation Work
Our experienced team undertakes complete lighting installation work to bring your vision to life. Whether it’s for residences, offices, landscapes, or commercial spaces like bars, restaurants, gyms, or nightclubs, we ensure professional and efficient installation services.

Custom Solutions
In addition to our main services, we offer custom lighting solutions tailored to your specific needs. From design concepts to implementation, we work closely with you to deliver unique lighting solutions that reflect your style and enhance your space.

Let’s Illuminate Your Space
Reach out today to transform your space with our premium lighting solutions.

At Jmap Solutions, we are dedicated to creating immersive lighting experiences for various spaces. Trust us for your lighting needs.


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